EDB events 2004
  • 18: Happy Hour
    Champion Billards Cafe
    5205 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21704
    Time: 8 pm

  • 27: Motorcycle ride
    to LaPlata, MD at Golden Corral Restaurant (Tentative)

  • 1-5: Daytona Beach Bike Week
    Daytona Beach, Florida
    Plenty of campsites and hotels around that city

  • 28: Motorcycle ride
    Meet at Exxon on route 15 in Thurmont, MD
    Contact Tim Mulford at DeafPilot7@aol.com
    or David Ingles at Ghost@tmo.blackberry.net

  • 21: Bikers' Gathering
    At Beck's Pub in Sykesville, MD at 6pm
    Take I-70, take 32 North, go to Main street
    Contact: Eric Mansfield at Mansski@aol.com

  • 24: Motorcycle ride
    To Deaf Expo in Baltimore, MD
    Meet at Costo's parking lot at 9:30 am in Frederick
    After visit Deaf Expo, meet at front door at 3pm for riding to Fells
    Point. Contact: Jennifer Woomer at sapphirebiker@tmail.com

  • 25: Fort Washington Spring Poker Run
    $9.00 per person
    Register between 9:00am and 11:00am
    at Harley-Davidson of Washington,
    9407 Livingston Rd in Fort Washington.
    Check in at 3:00pm.
    Contact Deb Perkins at skiker@aol.com

  • 1: EDB first meeting for 2004
    Meet at Greenbelt Park at 10am
    Sweetgum Picnic Area
    Contact Yvonne at ymattiello@comcast.net

  • 5: Bikers' Gathering
    At Pub in Ellicott City, MD at 6 pm
    Name of Pub: Phoenix Emporium Pub/Restaurant on Main street and
    Maryland ave Parking at Old Railroad Car's area on Maryland Ave.

  • 7-16: Myrtle Beach Bike Week
    4710 S. Kings Highway
    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
    Website: www.myrtlebeachbikeweek.com

  • 8: Motorcycle Ride
    To Gettysburg, PA
    Meet at Costo's parking lot at 11am in Frederick
    At Exit 54 from I-70
    After that go to Steel Horse Pub in Taneytown, MD
    Contact: Tim Mulford at deafpilot7@aol.com

  • 19: Happy Hour
    Champion Billards Cafe
    5205 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21704
    Time: 8 pm

  • 22: Motorcycle Ride to Gettysburg, PA

  • 23: Experienced Rider Course $75.00
    In Loudoun, VA
    Contact: Louis Caplan at Nighthawk700@yahoo.com

  • 30: Motorcycle Ride
    Rolling Thunder in Washington DC
    Rolling Thunder's party at Deb Shaw place after parade
    Admission charge: $5.00
    (includes food & Beverage bring your own booze)
    contact with Deb Shaw at deafpower2000@aol.com

  • 5: Bikers' Gathering & ride
    At Lu & Joe Pub in Mt. Airy, MD at 11am
    Take I-70, Take 27 South
    Pub is on right side

  • 12-20: Laconia Motorcycle Week
    Laconia, New Hampshire
    Website: www.laconiamcweek.com

  • 18: AMA Motorcross Race
    In Budds Creek, MD
    Contact: TBA

  • 18, 19, 20: Motorcycle Ride
    Skyline Drive: Blue Ridge
    Contact: Dale Ford at miharley2002@yahoo.com

  • 23-26: 11th annual Honda Hoot in Knoxville, Tenn

  • 25-27: Motorcycle event in Johnstown,PA
    "Thunder in the Valley"
    Hosted by Alvin Reeder at alvinreeder@comcast.net,
    sign up for one of 8 hotel rooms reserved
    specially for Deaf Bikers.Check out this website at

  • 4: ride & watch firework
    Cook-out at Eric Mansfield's after riding bike.
    Watch Firework at Baker Park in Frederick, MD
    Admission charge: $5.00
    (includes food & Beverage bring your own booze)
    Contact: Eric Mansfield at Mansski@aol.com

  • 17-18: AHDRA MID Atlantic Nationals
    Maryland International Raceway
    Budds Creek, MD
    Contact: TBA

  • 10-12: Motorcycle Bike
    To Ocean City, MD
    Contact: TBA

  • 18: Dulles Day Plane pull Contest
    Special Olympics Virginia
    Meet at Deb Shaw's house at 11am
    Ride to Dulles airport for plane pull contest
    then ride to visit Air and Space Museum in the afternoon
    then ride to Wegman's (new food store and food court) to eat
    Contact: Deb Shaw at Harley@wyndtell.com

  • 25: Motorcycle ride
    to PA via Manchester, MD
    Contact: TBA

  • 9: EDB Cookout at Rock Creek Park - Grove # 1 from 8:30 - 3:00.
    This includes Food, soda and activities.

  • 16-17: Adventure Weeken
    Motorcycle ride Skyline/Blue Ridge
    Contact: TBA

  • 13: EDB Fall Meeting and the meeting minutes will be sent to all members via emailing.
  • 17: Happy Hour
    Champion Billards Cafe
    5205 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21704
    Time: 8 pm

  • 11: Holiday party - Deb's place

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