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updated 3/11/2015

Member Benefits
Eastern Deaf Bikers Motorcycle Club is an organization that is working together to keep riding areas open for the public. Not only does EDB put on yearly events, but we also take time to go out.

The benefit of joining the club is grouping together with others that enjoy the same interests as you do, and to have riding buddies! EDB is a family fun group and is always looking forward to bring new individuals to join in the fun.

Membership benefits include:
  1. Monthly Dinner Gatherings
  2. Great Group Roads & Rides
  3. Meeting New Friends
  4. Attending Charitable Events
  5. Educating Other People about Motorcycle Riding Culture
  6. Deaf Motorcycle Network Across the Country
  7. Opportunity to Learn and Gain Knowledge and Skills about Bikes
  8. Semi-Annual Business Meetings
  9. Riding Safely
  10. Email Subscription
  11. Membership Card
  12. Facebook Membership Group
  13. Track Days
  14. Good friends and lots of fun!